Recommended Links


AVMA Articles on Pet Care

American Veterinary Medical Association’s articles on pet health.

Cornell Feline Health Center

Excellent site with many useful information articles.  Click on “Feline Health Videos” to access videos on nail clipping, diabetes care, tooth brushing and other topics.

Veterinary Partner

This site provides a searchable, accurate database of articles on many health topics for multiple species.

Balance It

Helps you to create a BALANCED home-cooked diet for your canine or feline family member.  There is a fee charged, but the diet is appropriately balanced.

Indoor Cat Initiative

This site provides great information and tips on enriching the life of your indoor cat.  There are tips and ideas for games, information about litterbox habits and other useful help on a variety of cat-related topics.

Partners in Animal Health

Cornell’s site with videos and information on a variety of health topics.  There is an excellent video and article here on Feline Kidney Disease, so if your cat was recently diagnosed, you may want to view it.

Senior Cat Care Guidelines by the AAFP

This is a site with an available brochure for download that discusses the American Academy of Feline Practitioners’ Guidelines for care of your senior cat.  It is an excellent resource, and if you want a hard copy of it, we have some at the office–just stop by and ask for one.

Financial Assistance for Pet Health Care

Listing of charitable organizations that can provide grants for qualifying pets to help cover the cost of care.

Traveling with Your Pet

Information about traveling with your pet.  Thanks to Julia for the link.

Pet Nutrition Alliance

Everything you ever wanted to know about nutrition for your cat or dog!  Fantastic site, well worth a read by every pet owner.